A few of the many testimonies...

K. B., Georgia.
My neighbors had a large pile of old lumber out in their yard for a couple of years and one afternoon, they set it afire. As the pile began to heat up, hundreds of bees began to come out of it. I didn't know what kind of bees they were. I had never noticed those bees before that day and I thought they were bumblebees, but evidently, they they were called wood bees and they all came to my house! After that day they started in to eating holes in the wood around my windows and all under my carport. I tried spraying them but it only seemed to kill a few bees... I found out about this stuff that you put in the bee holes from a friend... I went and ordered it. Im an old woman and I had to hire a man to help me, but we did it  just like the directions said...  Im telling you it was the next day... there was dead bees everywhere... I could'nt believe it! We used a yard rake to rake them up in piles under my carport!  I wrote this letter  to tell you that your bee stuff works and yes, I am amazed!

T.L., Alabama.
"I have never seen anything work the way that your "Recipe" does... couldn't believe how many bees came out of the holes we had on our front porch... Really worked. Thanks for a great product!

L.B.,  SC
I was very skeptical but ordered it anyway., had already spent a small fortune on trying to get rid of the carpenter bees. When I got the package, I got mad. It was so simple, I almost didn't even try it., thought I had gotten ripped off again... but my wife said we had the directions, might as well try it, so we did. I went out and got the ingredients from the seed store and we followed the directions and mixing procedure right on the kitchen table. We began to see results almost immediately. We were finding dead and dying bees before we got done treating the the front part of the house. Made enough to treat house and the barn with some left over. That was two years ago and it is still killing! Best money I ever spent!

Dear Sirs,
We saw your carpenter bee recipe advertised in a copy of the Georgia Farmer's Bulletin paper and ordered it. We got it on a Monday and my husband went out and got the ingredients. We started treating the barn early the next day and it took us a while as we have had the wood bees for a long time and had many holes to treat especially in the rafters. I began to hear them starting to buzz around in the boards as we worked. They began to fall in my hair so I left the barn and my husband stayed to finish the job. I put on a load of laundry and began getting some of my stuff done in the house... After a while, I thought I heard my husband call me from the back yard... He said "Come out and look". We walked out to the barn and the ground was literally covered with the bees. I am writing to say thank you, you couldn't know what all we have tried to get rid of these bees and we have not ever had this kind of success with anything else. Thank you!
Doris C. Tennessee

George N., Georgia
I have a rental cabin in North Georgia and although the exterior is built entirely from pressure treated wood, the carpenter bees were eating holes all under the eaves and the porches. I didn't think they could eat pressure treated wood, but they were eating holes  all over! I tried everything including XXXXX (a nationally known exterminating company) They came out and done their thing and it worked... for about a month. Then the carpenter bees seemed to come back more than ever. I saw your classified ad in the Farmers & Consumers Bulletin and decided to try it, mainly because we were desperate. Truly, that was the best money I ever spent. I know there had to have been at least 500 bees dead. Hard to believe something so simple worked so well!

Dr. W.B. Smith - Georgia
I was very skeptical, but it started working before I got started good... We swept the bees up in piles on our porches... had to be over 500 bees! That was last year and we've had no more trouble. This stuff is amazing! Thank you so very much!
Who else is going to give you a money-back guarantee? Order "The Recipe"today!
Who else is going to give you a money-back guarantee? Order "The Recipe"today!